The Representation of Women in Various Genres of Japanese Comic: Semiotic Study

  • Jayaputri. Herlandri Eka Akademi Perikanan Kamasan, Language Teaching, Biak-Papua
Keywords:  The representation of women,  Japanese Comic,  Genres,  Semiotic Study


Manga or Japanese comic includes a well-known fiction work in Indonesia. The readers come from various ages. It consists of genres such as action, romance, comedy, supernatural and so on. The figures in manga possess various characters mainly women them-self such as an indor and prude man and an attractive woman tempting her opposite sex to do something. The delineation of woman characters in manga appears to be a sexual object. Thus the researcher concerns on representating of women characters in various comic genres through the semiotic approach by Roland Barthes and explaining the ideology reflected in various comic genres such as action, comedy, romance, and supernatural. The  current study draws the conclusion that women are always sexually-behaved characters and heavy-handed about their nudity and they are portrayed to be lust satisfiers that are normally sexual abused like being kissed, being hugged and being harassed. Therefore, readers are able to realize that Japanese comic or manga  represents ideology which generally treats women as a sexual object.

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