The Struggles of Katie to Get Alex’s Love as Reflected in Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven: An Objective Analysis

  • Basopi. Pegiawan Ahmad Dahlan University
Keywords:  Objective Analysis,  Nicolas Sparks’s Safe Haven,  Struggles.


This research is entitled “The Struggles of Katie to get Alex’s love as Reflected in Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven: An Objective Analysis.” The objectives of the study are: (1) to describe the intrinsic elements of the story as reflected in Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, (2) to find out the aspects of the struggles of the main character as reflect ed in Safe Haven, (3) to find out the moral values that can be taken from Safe Haven. This research belongs to the library research in the sense that the researcher visited library to get the data. The object of the analysis is a novel Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. The data were qualitatively analyzed by employing the theory by M.H. Abrams and Nurgiyantoro so as to reveal the intrinsic elements of the novel, the theory of Struggles by Mark Abrahamson to reveal the struggles’ aspect of the main character and the theory of moral values by X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia to reveal the moral values.The results of the research are: First, the intrinsic elements of the novel are as follow: (a) the theme of the story is about struggles, (b) there are two main characters in the novel: they are Katie and Alex Wheatley. Katie’s characterizations are: courageous, diligent, intelligent, and sympathetic. Alex Wheatley’s characterizations are: caring and faithful, (c) the plot of the novel is progressive based on Freytag’s Pyramid, (d) the settings of place are Ivan’s cafe, Katie’s cottage, Dorchester, Southport, Long beach, and so on, (e) the settings of time are January’s, March’s, and April’s winter and June’s and July’s summer, and (f) the story is written in the third person point of view. Second, the struggles of Katie to attract Alex’s love are found that: she escaped from her husband, saved Kristen and Josh from fire and saved her-self from her husband attack. Third, the positive moral values are found  that responsibility is an indicator of a good person, caring for others will give us love from human being and the negative moral values are alcoholic drink consumption will result a bad effect to society, mistreatment in family will result in a broken family.

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