Word Changes World on President Donald John Trump’s Speech

  • Triana. Yunika IAIN Surakarta
Keywords:  Declaration,  Speech,  Illocutionary,  Perlucotionary x,  Speaker


This research aims to find grammatical meaning, and intended meaning behind speech sentences. It can be seen from illocutionary act that used by the speaker. It is caused illocutionary act having locutionary act and perlucotionary act. The effect will make illocutionary force to ask the hearer to do something what speaker wants. Declaration is one class of speech act that is interesting to discuss, because through the word, someone can change the world. Moreover, President Trump is very phenomenal person who always speaks using phenomenal speech. During the election process, his speech used to be most attention to discuss. Moreover, his body language also used to be big attention people and mass media always disscused. After inauguration, political issue including his policy always becomes the hot issue stated by the president to declare, confirm, bless, approve, dismiss, name and judge his policy. To discuss the object of the research, researcher use a descriptive qualitative method.

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